Solar Trailer

Solar Trailer

There are many benefits of Solar Trailer:

Mobi Solar Trailer
  • No pre-starts
  • No turn on and off
  • No fuel costs
  • Automatic operation with daylight or timer programing
  • Option for GSM or Radio Control
  • Minimal servicing costs
  • Full parts and service availability
  • Locally supported guarantee

These light towers are trailer mounted on either a tandem or single axle trailer and are fully solar operated.

They are fitted with 4 x 100watt LED Flood lights that will provide the equivalent of 4 x 250watt mercury vapour or similar.
For general are lighting, car park lighting, temporary work area lighting and many other applications where temporary or semi-permenant lighting is required, the Onedex Mobi-Solar Light Tower will meet the need without the ongoing diesel bill, and without the need for personnel to carry out pre-starts, turn on and off.

The Mobi-Solar Light Towers are fully compliant and fully road registered to the clients requirements.