LED Tube Lighting

LED Tube Lighting

There are many benefits of the LED Tube Lighting Systems:

  • Reduced power consumption by 60% - 70%
  • Reduced maintenance and repairs labour and materials
  • Longer lige (30,000 - 50,000 hours)
  • No flickering and "no start" of tubes
  • Environmentally sound investment, fully recyclable
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Quick and Easy to Install in New or Existing Projects

In all installations, a major benefit is the reduced running costs and reduced CO2 emissions along with the elimination of dulling of the lights over time as experienced with Fluorescent tubes. The installation of the tubes can be to existing Fluorescent fittings where simply the starter is removed and the capacitor is disconnected. The LED Tubes start immediately without flickering and are at full brightness immediately. No "warm up" time required through to 1500mm and various diameters depend on the application. And the payback is anything from 1.6 to 5 years depends on usage hours per day / week.

There are Many Types and Styles

led lighting

The reality of this technology is finding the correct product for each project. There are many different types of LED tubes the same as there are many types, brightness, colours, styles etc of fluorescent tubes.

Project "Fit for Purpose" Design

The team at Onedex Communications have been involved in commercial and industrial projects for many years and with its beginnings in the Electrical and automotive business and subsequently in communications products, we know the importance of the term "fit for purpose" when it comes to Projects. Firstly, it is required that for existing products we ascertain existing light levels and colours, and also, to confirm that the client is either happy with these levels or is desiring better lighting as a result of the change. Secondly its established the operational structure of the facility(hours per day, days per week etc) in order that an accurate proposal and payback can be established. A full proposal is prepared along with our purpose designed spreadsheet to show the comparison in the running costs of traditional fluorescent lighting when compared to the LED tube lighting alternative and also HIGHLIGHTING the environmental impact of the project in the form of reduced CO2 emissions. We will then provide detailed data about the proposed products and the backup service the client can expect from working with Onedex Communications. Experienced Electricians carry out all our installations.

Product Types Available

There are two main product types in the LED Tubes. The first is known as DIP being the standard LED system and the second is SMD being the surgace mount LED's. The DIP style is traditionally cheaper than the SMD but the reported service life is similar for both. There is a report that there will be a slightly higher failure rate of LEDs in the DIP than the SMD but the light output is not affected greatly by this. It is barely measurable in light output. We offer the option of both styles and allow the client to make their choice based on product costs and aesthetics. The running costs and light outputs are similar for either. We welcome your enquiries and comments and to working with you to provide a project proposal.