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Solar Street and Area Lighting Systems


The Team at Onedex Communications have been researching LED lighting over a period of years both from an analysis point of view to ensure the technology is as good and as reliable as needed for our market but also for appropriately qualified and experienced supplier for any proposed projects.

With a background in electrical installation projects our interest in innovative solutions drives us to seek out these products and bring them to the market in a timely and cost effective manner.

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We have selected several suppliers that have been in this industry for 10+ years and have grown with the technology and perfected it in their own business and research and development centers.

This has led us to commercial and office lighting solutions in the form of LED TUBES for the replacement of traditional fluorescent tubes and LED downlights to replace traditional lighting systems. The savings are 50 - 60%+ on energy and green house gasses - worth considering.

We have also been interested in larger area lighting and renewable energy technologies. Solar lighting systems while highly appropriate from the point of view of renewable energy and being "GREEN" power alternatives, have in the past been prohibitive cost wise and this is largely due to the high power consumption of traditional light sources with the need for very large arrays of solar panels and substantial batteries to store the energy for the night service.

With the introduction of LED lighting to this scenario, the option to replace a traditional 250watt mercury vapour lamp with an LED 120watt for the same light output has similarly halved the size of the solar array and battery requirements to get the same result. This has of course dramatically lowered the price to a level where it is now a real alternative if not preferred alternative to the traditional systems.

It is these and many other Technologies that Onedex Communications bring to the Australian and Asia Pacific Region. With a focus on quality, reliability and service, it is our goal to work with private individuals through to companies and governments to make a difference to our environment and to the clients bottom line. It's a WIN WIN. Win for the environment and WIN for your pocket.


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