how much can I save by using LED lighting

The average saving to change to LED for house hold lighting will be between 50% – 80% depending on the type of lighting used and the application. In any event you can look foward to halving your lighing bill.

For commercial or industrial applications, the same applies. I have just returned from China where in several cities including Beihai in the South of China they are replacing all back street lighting that where 50watt mercury vapour and changed to 20watt LED and the street lighting effect was double the previous output. In Guangzhou we saw litterally thousands of main highway street lights changed out to 100watt LED from 250watt high pressure sodium. The light effect was very consistent and more than acceptible for highway lighting. The obvious saving in operating cost was 60% on previous energy or power consumpion and more importantly, the environment gets a breather.

not hard to do the sums is it. So why are we waiting……

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Low Energy LED or Induction Lights – Are they as good as Traditional Lighting

This is an important question. The truth is in the tasting so they say. I am currently in China in a city called Beihai in southern China where the city is changing all their back street lighting to 20watt LED light heads. They are replacing 50watt mercury vapour that look like candles in comparison to the new LED lights. We will be posting some pictures of these installations for your information and you be the judge.

LED and INDUCTION line voltage replacement light heads at around HALF the wattages of existing light heads will provide comparable light levels for energy reducions of up to 30% -50% dependant on the application.

China has a serious problem with Green house emissions and also with energy consuption. they are moving full steam ahead to adopt the very technology the are pushing so hard to get out into the world. Even if they lasted half the specified life expectancies there would still be plusses both economically and environmentally.

The issue for companies and government organisations is to find a company that are doing the homework to provide products that will firstly fulfill the breif and secondly provide the design life and backup required of these projects.

it is important in this process to select manufacturers with a background in lighting that understand the industry and then already have a substantial project base that we can look at and gain some comfort.

We need to work together, go out on a limb and make a difference to our environment. Give it a go and see that difference will be substantial.

To get a real idea of the comparisons, we can put in place, side by side lighting. One side in HPS or Sodium Vapour and the other side in LED and SEE the differnece. then the decisions are based on reality and not on sales blurb.

Im here looking at it so lets bring it home and get moving…..

Talk to us….

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Solar Lighting – is it as good as line power lighting

There is a lot of discussion about Solar lighting. For street lighting, traffic management entities need to know that solar lighting is going to provide the same light levels as traditional line voltage lighting systems. The missconception has arrisen due to many low light level solar lights arriving on the Australian Market and there is a concerning idea being adopted that these are what we can expect from solar lighting.

The reality is that the same light levels or better can be acheived with LED or INDUCTION solar lighting as can be achieved with the traditional lighting sytems.

It is important to look at a project from the design perspecive and what light levels and light distribution is required rather than  the traditional “force fit” approach of trying to move a particular light product to every project because that is what is in stock or what we carry.

looking at this industry from an engineering and analysis perspective is critical for clients to gain a real grasp of what these technologies are capable of from a point of view of value for money and $$$ saved and also for our environment.

When clients can be confident that the companies they deal with will be providing the right product for the right application in every case, they will back the product and that company. It is our job to instill that confidence by demonstrating the product and our group abilities to provide the engineering design and the product that will fulfull project design outcomes with the longevity and backup deserving of projects of this nature.

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