Solar Lighting – is it as good as line power lighting

There is a lot of discussion about Solar lighting. For street lighting, traffic management entities need to know that solar lighting is going to provide the same light levels as traditional line voltage lighting systems. The missconception has arrisen due to many low light level solar lights arriving on the Australian Market and there is a concerning idea being adopted that these are what we can expect from solar lighting.

The reality is that the same light levels or better can be acheived with LED or INDUCTION solar lighting as can be achieved with the traditional lighting sytems.

It is important to look at a project from the design perspecive and what light levels and light distribution is required rather than  the traditional “force fit” approach of trying to move a particular light product to every project because that is what is in stock or what we carry.

looking at this industry from an engineering and analysis perspective is critical for clients to gain a real grasp of what these technologies are capable of from a point of view of value for money and $$$ saved and also for our environment.

When clients can be confident that the companies they deal with will be providing the right product for the right application in every case, they will back the product and that company. It is our job to instill that confidence by demonstrating the product and our group abilities to provide the engineering design and the product that will fulfull project design outcomes with the longevity and backup deserving of projects of this nature.

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